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Descuentos y cupones Descuento directo: Rs. Sounds ironical to me because I belong to Assam and today the voice of my state is being crunched by the Govt of India and our constitutional rights are just fuckd up. The Citizen ammendment bill creating a state of turmoil and nuisance everywhere. Despite mass Rally's Protests andolans, turned a deaf ear to us and passed the CAB which states that refugees from states like Pakistan Afghanistan and Bangladeshi will give citizenship only to the ones who practice Hindu. Assam opposes the entry of Bangladeshi on our land.

Yes my mother tongue is Bengali but I am born and lived in Assam. So I like to call myself an Assamese. Not by language but by the land I live on. Our Leaders like Lachit Barphukon and Chilarai and many more gave their blood and sacrificed their lifes Fighting for Assam , Fighting to preserve its cultural identity by not allowing any foreign invasion.

When the whole country was under Mughal rule it was only Assam where they couldn't step in ever. You cheap And dirty politicians are on the way to sell your own Land to Bangladeshi s just for your vote bank politics! Section imposed that means streets will be military guarded and protests will be taken down. Who knows we might loss all form of communication tomorrow just like Kashmir did. Everything I learnt in highschool about the Great Indian Democracy is proven wrong. Himanta biswa Sharma sir the next time you rally on the streets of Assam during elections playing song' akou ebar modi sarkar' Ensure that you are inside an armoured Car because this time people will cheer you up only by massive Stone pelting.

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To everyone supports this Bill I call you a 'deshdrohi'. You can't be called a indigenous Assamese. The gamusa you wear belong to us.

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